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About Us

Let I.T. Be originally traded as 'Mark Whittaker Engineering/I.T. Consultant'. The original company was formed in 2000 and has been assisting industry, small busineess, home offices and residences ever since it's inception.

What drives us
The Let I.T. Be business philosophy to provide high quality products and reliable, professional, courteous service for customers.

Mark Whittaker graduated from Adelaide University in 1980 with an Electronic Engineering degree. Mark has worked with computers, multimedia and electronic devices all through his career. Troubleshooting computer problems originally started as a hobby interest and to help friends and relatives and has now developed into a large part of the occupation.  Mark has hobby interests in popular music and hi-fi and has developed a passionate interest in home theatre/cinema and HTPC.
Mark is also enjoys listening to popular artists on DVD and CD, in particular that of the "The Beatles", hence the concept of a business called 'Let I.T. Be'.


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